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14 gennaio 2009

Patch entro la settimana !

Se tutto va bene entrola prox settimana dovrebbe essere rilasciata la patch per Left 4 Dead,ecco cosa è stato detto in una e-mail:

"Sadly Microsoft has nothing to do with the pc patch... that delay is all us. The PC and 360 will be patched independently not sure where people picked up that exploit/bug fixing was tied together. Only the DLC will be simultaneous. The problem on the PC side was a few large bugs affected other systems that we were going to rewrite on the pc so we ended up waiting to fix a whole class of bugs instead of just individual bugs. The patch should be out this week.



Ok, I don't want any trolling or anything greatly negative from people in this thread. I think we should rejoice and NO mentioning of Valve time. In this thread we appreciate Chet and the staff members of Valve for preparing this long-awaited and well-earnt patch which a different company would just waste our time.

Thank you Chet and Valve!

Insomma non è una voce ufficiale (ma è una notizia trovata sui forum di steam) ,comunque sperare non costa nulla .